TKT Zine Fest

“Community”, “Locality”, “Sustainability” - these are all words that can be found frequently in descriptions of fairs and spaces in recent years. But what is the true meaning of being communal and sustainable for a young and developing art scene like the one in Hong Kong? How does one build a healthy, robust system within a complex and commercially oriented city?

TKT Zine Fest (TKTZF) springs from the heart of Hong Kong’s DIY and print/zine art communities, as a reaction to the hyper commercialisation of art in the city. In the midst of the high-speed art industry, nobody has bothered to look underneath the glossy surface, where groups of local creatives have been forming, each member doing their respective part by laying the groundworks for a much larger network of makers/presses/designers/artists.

TKTZF aims to bring different local independent entities together to promote the trans-disciplinary approach to art and culture. The fair does not aim to be the start of a “community”; a community cannot be borne overnight by merely organising a fair. Rather, it is an experiment to see what could come out of connecting like-minded individuals onto a rooftop in Tai Kok Tsui. And more importantly, it is a celebration of what has been blooming underneath the city, left pure and untouched.