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Giu Giu x Bedroom
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Bedroom is pleased to house Giu Giu’s most recent ss19 collection “shinsei". The collaborative exhibition will feature a live performance and rooftop installation on the opening November 3rd, with a pop-up to follow on November 4th.

Live performance    4 - 8 pm ~ 3 November
Pop-up    1 - 6 pm ~ 4 November

Giu Giu ~ ss19 “shinsei”

The Giu Giu ss19 collection “shinsei”, meaning rebirth, draws inspiration from designer Giuliana Leila Raggiani’s solo trip to Japan during the sacred time of the blooming of the sakura or cherry blossom tree. The ss19 collection was shot in the forests of Northern California to replicate the feeling of solitude and renewal found in the Sakura forests of Yasugi prefecture.

The collection’s color palette of soft pastels, and velour plush yarns replicate the feeling of coziness, lightness, and air associated with the regeneration of the sprin bloom. In contrast to the masculine ‘yang,’ or Japanese ‘yō’ of the soft, natural fibers, is the collections’ incorporation of darker, grounding ‘yin‘ or ‘in’ elements of synthetic fibers in the form of cellophane yarn and spandex. This dualistic quality can be found in the new “sakura sunburn” stripe comprised of a glittery ivory, bambina pink and mud brown, the new nonna color of the season inspired by a found poem. Returning this season will be luxor, a signature color of purple with an added twist of sparkling gold lurex from Giuliana's designer grandmother’s collection.

The collection has recently been showcased in New York, Paris, and Tokyo fashion week.

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